Massage Therapy

At Westboro Spa and Hair Salon the art of massage isn’t simply a quick escape from the day’s stress; it’s a ritual that returns your mental and physical self to a place of balance and calm.

Westboro Spa is a contemporary spa experience rooted in the restorative practices that rejuvenate and help our clients discover true relaxation.

Massage Therapy Services

Registered Massage Therapy

Our Registered Massage Therapists provide clinical treatments as well as relaxation focused massages. They are trained in the assessment of soft tissue, joints and the manipulation to develop, maintain, rehabilitate or increase physical function, or relieve pain. Their treatments are covered under most extended health plans. (All prices include tax).

Until further notice Massage Therapy will not be available through our online booking system. Please email or call us to book an appointment.

30 minutes $65
45 minutes $85
60 minutes $105
75 minutes $125
90 minutes $140


Prenatal Massage

The therapist uses pillowing and specialized body cushions to allow the client to lie on her side or face down during the massage.

Postnatal Massage

The therapist is mindful of any breast or abdomen discomfort with positioning on the table. Special attention is made to maximize relaxation and treat areas of tension from nursing, lifting, carrying, baby-wearing, etc.

Relaxation Massage


30 minutes $55
45 minutes $75
60 minutes $85
90 minutes $115
Hot Stone Massage $125

These massages are not performed by a RMT massage therapist. No insurance receipt is issued.

Westboro Massage Therapy

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