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New Service Alert!

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Say goodbye to bad hair days with our new
Liquid Keratin Professional Smoothing Treatment.
This liquid gold is not a chemical filled relaxer it is gentle and restorative. Whether you want to completely remove your curl or just de-frizz your hair this product is for you. Liquid Keratin is for all hair types.
Liquid Keratin Professional Restorative Smoothing Treatment is the first customizable salon smoothing system. This exclusive system has been formulated to smooth hair, add shine, strengthen, and luster, while allowing retention of as much or as little of the curl texture as desired. Because of its ability to penetrate the hair, Liquid Keratin Professional Restorative Smoothing Treatment is Formaldehyde and Aldehyde Free, Thio Free, Sodium Hydroxide Free, Guanidine Free, and Urea Free. 
Keratin Smoothing Treatment ($250+)
  • Customize texture while strengthening smoothing and adding lustrous shine
  • Diffuse your curl or enjoy silky straight hair
Sleek and Straight ($500+)
  • Double application for sleek, shiny, pin straight hair
  • Styled with just fingers and blow dryer
  • Prevent damage from heat tools(no longer needed)
Chemical 911 Repair and fortifying treatment ($250+)
  • Repair hair damaged by other chemical services
  • Safe over any previous chemical service
  • Strengthen weak, brittle hair and repair split ends


Liquid Keratin home care products starting at – $33